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AF, born in Rome in 1975, I have spent almost 20 years abroad. Left Italy in 1999, since then I have been living, traveling and working in different countries. On my active I have several European countries, Central Asia, Far East, USA, Africa and the Middle East. Currently working to increase the list.

My hidden love for traveling and exploring started long time ago when I was a child. Passioned photographer and pushed from the curiosity to explore new things everyday. Currently living in Cairo, Egypt. Enjoying and challenging the daily life as an expat.

For any questions, comments, suggestions or general inquiries feel free to contact me using the email address info@mondoglobalworld.com. No pictures of this site can be reproduced or published by any means without a written permission from mondoglobalworld photography.

In case you should be interested to use one of my pictures for any commercial use, publication, advertisement, I would be very happy to give the permission to use them.